A downloadable game

The continuous quest that a cat has to take on in the search of the over-dominant red dot.

This time the red dot is under cover, as illusionary mice agents. Which one is the real one ? For how long will it be able to hide ?

Choose a side and play on! Only the strongest shall prevail!

Github repo: https://github.com/hollowspecter/pawJam-NGJ17

Many thanks for the unaware help from Kevin Macleod for the track "Electro cabello". The SFX are from the lovely community on freesound.org.


TurrDeTurr.zip 97 MB

Install instructions

If you wanna see under the hood - check the repo.

Otherwise, have a keyboard AND a controller (with joystick) ready to set up. You can have many mice (controllers) but only one cat (keyboard).

Here's a bit of manual for that, in the ReadMe file.

Play a turn to figure it out, then have the mandatory fun !